Refunding Online Payments



We recently migrated our payment processor from WePay to Payrix.  This service underlies our Online Payments functionality and allows districts/schools to accept credit card transactions from parents/guardians and credit student balances inside SchoolInsight.  This is helpful for parents to pay registration fees and refill lunch accounts.  This code has been running well for the last month or so.  


We recently released an upgrade to allow refunds.  Admins can login to SchoolInsight and refund previous online payments.  This will trigger Payrix to send funds back to the parent/guardian’s credit card, and debit their balance inside SchoolInsight.


The upgrade also supports voiding transactions. Most credit card transactions have a delayed processing time. When mistakes happen, if the parent and admin work quickly, the transaction can be voided before it’s processed. After the credit card processor’s daily cutoff time, voids become unavailable and refunds must be used. 


Refunds and voids existed prior to the migration, and our Payrix integration is now at parity with our legacy functionality.


We hope that you like having access to refund/void inside Online Payments.



The Common Goal Team