Online Gradebook

TeacherEase is the easiest online gradebook available today. Supports traditional and standards-based grading. Teachers save time, communicate with parents, and improve student performance. Available to teachers, schools, or entire districts.


Teachers Save Time

Teachers save time grading using our web-based gradebook.

Communicate with Parents

Parents are better informed by checking assignments, grades, attendance, etc. over the Internet. Parents support learning -- encouraging students to complete work, giving assistance, praising success, etc.

Improve Student Performance

When a parent or student checks grades on-line, student performance improves dramatically: grades increase
5-8% and missed work drops by 40%.

Supports Traditional and Standards-based Grading

In addition to traditional grading, align assignments to state or district standards. Enter standards-based grades and track student performance versus standards.

Enables Standards-based Learning

TeacherEase is more than just a web-based gradebook. It's everything teachers need to manage the standards-based classroom -- including learning targets, rubrics, assessments, curriculum mapping, lesson plans, learning management system, and report cards. All integrated. All on the web.

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Online GradeBook

Keep traditional or standards-based grades on a secure website. Also works for teachers who don't use "grades" (e.g. primary teachers, special education, etc.). Teachers can also keep attendance and behavior logs.

Ease of Use

Real teachers helped design TeacherEase. It's quick and easy for new users while very efficient for power users.

Parent Access

Parents view their child's current assignments, scores, missing work, etc. Data from the gradebook is always up-to-date without any extra work by the teacher. Choose what parents can view.


Teachers easily email parents about missed assignments, good student work, behavior, etc. Email announcements to your class about field trip, class party, etc. Create templates to send emails with just a click (no typing required).

Printable Reports

For parents without Internet access, teachers can print out progress reports. They can also post anonymous grades for students to review.

Web-Based Application

Access TeacherEase from anywhere via the internet (school, home, etc.). No software to install or maintain.


Identify Struggling Students

Since all the gradebook data is stored in a central database, administrators can run reports to identify struggling students. As standardized testing approaches, find low-performing students in subgroups at risk of failing. Easily identify students who would benefit from additional help.


Administrators can send email announcements to the entire school, "Standardized testing starts tomorrow, make sure student(s) get to bed early tonight." Avoid printing costs and mailing expenses.


Save the staff time and hassle. Find ineligible students with the click of a button.


All gradebook data can be setup from a central location and imported from the SIS. Teachers won't do laborious setup, and will be more productive and satisfied.


Compatibility with Existing Systems

TeacherEase works with any SIS. It contains intelligent functionality to import students/schedules and export grades.

Supports Open Standards

In additon to import/export, TeacherEase supports IMS OneRoster. When paired with a compatible system, data flows back and forth between the SIS and TeacherEase. Get a best of breed solution.

Web-based User Interface

TeacherEase is implemented with standard HTML, so there is no installation required on end-user computers. It was designed to run on old computers with slow connections. Supported clients are PC, Mac, Unix, and any platform that runs a web browser. End-users can gain access from virtually anywhere via the Internet (no need to carry diskettes, CDs, or thumb drives).

Great Usability

TeacherEase was designed so that our web pages are "obvious" to use. Most of our teachers never receive training and require little support. The usability is so high that we receive an average of 2 support questions per day per 1000 teachers.


All data housed within TeacherEase is considered private and confidential. All users are restricted to access only the minimum data appropriate to their role (parent, teacher, etc). We will never knowingly disclose any information to any 3rd party. See our privacy policy for more details.


TeacherEase implements state of the art security to prevent information disclosure, unauthorized changes, and denial of service. To secure the infrastructure, a restrictive firewall policy and server hardening techniques have been implemented. An application-level security scheme has also been implemented to prevent unauthorized data access.


TeacherEase is a fully redundant system which historically has maintained 99.9% uptime. Backups are run nightly, stored offsite, and are maintained for an extended period of time. For schools using TeacherEase site-wide, we will occasionally retrieve accidentally deleted data from backups -- protecting against user error.


Parents Securely Log In

For parents to gain access to TeacherEase, their account must be setup by a teacher or the school office. Upon login, they can access their student(s) only.


Parents can check a student's current assignments. Did they get tonight's homework done yet? If they were absent, what do they need to make up?


Parents can check their child's current averages and get details. They can praise a student doing well. They can motivate students not working to their potential. They can get help for struggling students.


Parents can email teachers and administrators. They can better communicate without playing "phone tag."

Students Self-Monitor

Students can also log in to TeacherEase, check their own information (just like parents), and get motivated. You'll hear in the hallways, "I'm only 1% under an A, I really need to study for the next quiz."

Misc. School Data

If the entire school/district uses TeacherEase, lots of useful information can be displayed: calendars, menus, fees, attendance, behavior, course requests, etc. Use this as your primary means to communicate with parents.

Real-Time Data

When teachers enter data into TeacherEase, it's automatically available to parents (teachers don't have to remember to upload it to the web). Parents provide immediate reinforcement and modify student behavior since there's no delay.

The teachers enjoy the ease-of-use with the online gradebook. When the teachers were originally trained, we did not spend but 20 minutes with the entire group before they were biting at the bit to get to work on the program by themselves. Most every question the teachers have about functionality is answered by the intuitiveness of the program. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Duff Coburn Director of Technology, Durham, NC

"TeacherEase has brought us into the 21st century. Teachers are more productive. Parents are more involved. Students are working harder. Everybody wins."

Larry Bequeath Superintendent, Tonica, IL