School Abbreviations



Many school names in our system are long, like “Benjamin Franklin Middle School,” or “John Adams Elementary School.”  When we show school names, it often makes our user interface cumbersome. 


We already support abbreviations for school names, but have rarely used them.  We’re finding that our pages would benefit from the brevity of abbreviations, instead of showing full school names.  So we’re planning to use abbreviations more.


Moving forward, abbreviation will be a required field for schools.  If you’ve already set them, great!  If not, we defaulted your abbreviation to the first 16 characters of the existing school name.  


We’d encourage everyone to review and update their school abbreviations, the default we chose may not be optimal.  It shouldn’t take more than a few moments.  If your school is, “Benjamin Franklin Middle School,” you might choose “Franklin” or “FMS” as the abbreviation.  


District Admin Main > Schools > Edit


In an upcoming release, we’ll start using abbreviations more broadly.


We hope that you’ll like the changes.



The Common Goal Team