Accounts-Single View (beta)



In SchoolInsight Financials, many customers want to access a variety of information for an account: current balance, all invoices received, all payments made, all deposits, etc.  So we created a new page, Accounts-Single View.  Like our other “single view” pages, users start with an item (an account) and can see many different types of information for it.


This project uses dynamic UI to provide better access to information.  Instead of launching popup windows, or navigating away to another web page, we expand/collapse the existing web page.  This technology is new for us, and we’re excited about its potential for product improvements.


When users launch Accounts-Single View, they first choose an account.  They are presented with tabs to view summary, invoices, payments, etc. for the account.  This should be a familiar pattern, similar to Vendor-Single View, Students-Single View, etc.  In the screenshot below, users see a summary of transactions for the account.



Users can view various information about an account, all on one page.  In the screenshot below, invoices are shown for an account.



From the list, it’s easy to drill down into more information for an invoice.  To expand one, users hover the mouse and click the + button.  This shows tabs for line items, details, payments, and vendor info.  The information is on one page.  Users don’t need to navigate elsewhere to see it.  In the screenshot below, line items are displayed.



Users could also view invoice details, payments, or vendor details, again all on the same page.



We feel this UI is a big improvement over our existing functionality.  So we added beta versions of Invoices, Payments, and Deposits pages with similar functionality.  They support the same expand/collapse mechanism with tabs for details on each row.  We’d encourage everyone to try these new pages.


Accounts-Single View also supports a sophisticated search mechanism to find accounts.  After a few keystrokes, we search for matching account codes, PO numbers, invoice numbers, vendor names, etc.  We use computing power to help users find the account they’re looking for.  



We hope you like Accounts-Single View and the other new pages.  We expect to provide these improvements more broadly across the site.  As always, feel free to give us feedback.



The Common Goal Team