Add Meals/Food Items to the District Level



Continuing our efforts to improve district-level information management, we’ve made Meals and Food Items available at the district.  They are used to configure the Lunch module, and previously were only available at the school-level.  


We’ve improved many entities recently by making them available at the district:

Add Fee Accounts/Categories to the District Level 

Academic Years, Calendars, and Grading Periods at the District Level

Attendance and Discipline Codes are Available at the District Level

District Admin Permissions 


Following our convention, each Meal and Food Item now has a “Level” and “Availability” selector.  School-level rows are available at a single school only (as always).  District-level rows can be available at multiple schools, and may be modified by District Admins.


We unified the UI for Meals/Food Items, so District Admins can modify them all in one place.  There’s no longer a need to “goto” each school to configure it.



Today most customers have duplicative Meals/Food Items across schools.  So we provided a migration tool to promote existing codes to the district-level and merge identical ones. 



Please note that migration and district-level codes are optional.  Districts happy with their current structure don’t need to take any action.


We hope that you like the new district-level functionality, and enjoy the upgrade to our new technology framework.  Feel free to provide us feedback, we’re always open to suggestions.



The Common Goal Team