Allow Yearly Changes to Course Credits



As mentioned in the Historical Grade Improvements article, we’re spending time improving our scheduling tools. We receive frequent feedback on course credits.  Specifically users would like to adjust the number of credits on courses without impacting previous years. 


In the latest release, we updated courses to support credits per academic year. This mirrors the design for other yearly course fields: report card item lists, GPAs, and grading scales. 



The biggest change you’ll notice is that all yearly fields moved to a new tab on Course Edit and Course - Single View. Keeping this data in a single place makes it easier for users when making annual adjustments. 


When creating new academic years, users can copy existing course credits into the new year. This is a great option for schools with few or no changes. 


We also took this opportunity to update course “mass edit” pages. In the past there was a mass edit page for timeless data, and then separate pages for each type of yearly data. We’ve added a drop-down to these pages making it simpler to navigate between them. 



We hope you like the updates. We have a few more scheduling changes in the works, so keep an eye on our latest news. 



The Common Goal Team